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About Us

At Acoustic Strings of New England we believe that the quality of your instrument should compliment the passion behind your music. That is why we insure that our stringed instruments are obtained from European shops with a history of crafting superior quality instruments from a selection of aged wood. But our pursuit of high standards does not end there. Once obtained we commonly perform certain upgrades our own superior parts to obtain the highest possible quality, perform careful set-up, and personally test play each instrument within our own shop. All this and more is why we have a history of student referrals by music educators to our shop!

Our Prices

All of our instruments are rented on a rent-to-own basis, which is made easy through the programs we offer to assist you in becoming the owner of your instrument. For those who decide to purchase their instrument from us we offer favorable discounts designed to make life easier. All first and second year students are eligible, by appointment, to rent our step-up apprentice/professional instruments and bows! Additionally, we offer an excellent selection of instruments that are even better than our basic rentals, which are available in fractional sizes.

Our Service

Though problems with our instruments are rare, life occasionally happens. In the event of any problem a solution is only a phone call away, and we will gladly fix the instrument, provide a loaner, or replace the instrument. Its that easy! As part of our quality assurance measures we employ two expert luthiers to help assure that our instruments remain in great shape continually.


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