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General Information & Care Instructions

Basic Instrument Care Instructions

  • Loosen your bow every time you put it away.
  • Never leave your instrument in a hot or cold car; don't walk your instrument to school in the winter.
  • Rosin your bow as needed. Some bows are brand new and will need quite a bit of rosin to get started. Always wipe the rosin dust off your instrument with a soft cloth after playing.
  • If your rosin is shiny new, scratch it with sandpaper to get it started.
  • Humidity is your friend, dryness is the enemy. Pegs that slip and strings that sit too low on the fingerboard are signs that your instrument is too dry. Store your instrument away from heat sources and/or in a humidified room in the winter if needed.
  • Consider purchasing an extra set of strings if your practice or performance schedule will be disrupted if you break a string and must wait for a replacement.
  • Report any problems or damage as soon as possible to avoid having the problem grow.


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